10 Financial Terms on the Real Estate Exam

Real Estate
The real estate exam will have finance terminology on it because finance makes up 9% of the exam. Here are the top 10 terms you need to know in order to prepare for the exam.
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00:00 – Finance terminology
00:16 – What is a beneficiary?
01:00 – What is equity in real estate?
01:46 – What doe FHA mean?
03:50 – What is a lien in real estate?
04:45 – What is a mechanic’s lien?
05:10 – What is an acceleration clause?
06:30 – What does underwriting mean?
08:10 – What does hypothecation mean?
09:28 – What is the debt-to-income ratio?
10:34 – What is a fixed-rate loan?


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