$100,000 Drop in Real Estate Prices in Waterloo, Ontario

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Are you considering buying, selling or investing in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario real estate market?

In today’s video we have real estate investor guest host Andrew Cox takeover the channel and he sits down with our Waterloo Region realtor and investor expert Zack Brittain where they breakdown and discuss the latest market statistics for the Kitchener-Waterloo Region to help you understand if this is a market that fits your real estate investing needs and how to navigate a shifting real estate market!

Zack also breaks down why real estate prices have dropped over $100,000 in just 2 months in the and what this means for real estate investors who are both buying and selling real estate in the Waterloo Region!

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Zack Brittain was raised in Kitchener and started in real estate in 2016 after studying financing and economics at the University of Guelph. In 2018 Zack partnered with fellow realtor and longtime friend Matt Phipps to start selling and investing in real estate together as Phipps Brittain Real Estate. With experience in investment analysis, stock market portfolios, and previous exposure to real estate investing through family the transition to real estate was natural.

Helping clients to purchase and sell real estate at a high level allows Zack to stay updated on market trends as well as opportunities. Zack and Matt at Phipps Brittain Real Estate help clients purchase and sell their homes as well as helping them to start and build their real estate portfolio’s. With a client-first approach Zack and the team have grown their business and real estate portfolio every single year.

Starting with successful projects in duplex conversions and single family flips Zack and his team have progressed into multi-unit investments and larger renovation projects in order to grow within the Waterloo Region real estate space. In the future Zack and his team are focusing on new opportunities with garden suites, construction, larger multi-units and more!

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Who is Andrew Cox?

Andrew Cox is a Real Estate Investor currently living and working in Southern Ontario. His area of focus is flipping single-family homes and holding long-term rentals.

As a real estate investor, he has transacted 17 properties in the last 24 months. Developed a strong social media presence that focuses on education and motivation. And is a proud member of Kory McKinnon’s Infinite Real Estate Results Tribe.

Besides working in real estate, Andrew aims to spread the message of a prosperous life through education and inspiration to help others take control of their financial and personal freedom.

When he isn’t scouting out new properties, Andrew loves to paddle board, cycle, and go on long walks surrounded by nature.

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