25 Questions You Will See on the Real Estate Exam 2022

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This real estate exam prep will help you on the big test. The California Real Estate Exam has 150 questions that cover topics learned from 7 different categories. That’s a lot to study! Today, we’re covering 25 questions from our practice real estate exam featured in our State Exam Prep package.
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Don’t give up when you’re studying for the California real estate exam. That’s the most important thing. There’s so much to study because the Department of Real Estate created an exam that covers 7 different categories over 150 questions. To study for an exam this big, you have to break your studying up into manageable study sessions. One of the best ways to study is by creating a simple study schedule.


A few hours a day, take time to review one of the categories that will be on the exam. This way, you spend focused time learning the material but also don’t burn out. One of the most leading causes of people not studying for the exam is burnout. They get exhausted because they don’t know what to study or how to study. That’s why we created an easy way for students to stay in control of their studies.

The State Exam Prep gives students the chance to test themselves before the real exam. With 1,000+ exam questions and terminology flashcards, you can practice taking the real estate exam. You can also study the vocabulary that will be on the exam with our flashcards. One of the most important things to know is vocabulary!

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