Active Rehab and Construction Tour for Uptown Philly Real Estate

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I continue to invest in real estate in my home town – Philadelphia even though, back in 2020 I left Philly and moved back to LA. I came back home for a visit. So l let me take you on a tour of one property that I acquired Uptown (north west section) that is being rehabbed and that I am seeing in person for the very first time.

0:00 Single family investment property in Philly
0:56 Condition of floors
1:22 Popcorn ceilings
1:50 Construction budget
2:27 HVAC system
3:39 Basement tour
5:39 Front door and porch


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Nicole Purvy is a mom, author, real estate entrepreneur and the CEO of the Better Than Success Real Estate League. Nicole now resides in LA and invests in Philly real estate remotely. She is also a partner of BTS Funding

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