AirBnB Real Estate Investing is DEAD – Completely FINISHED!

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AirBnB real estate investing was very popular over the last few years and many investors made a ton of money purchasing single family homes and turning them into AirBnB rentals in tourist attractions such as South Florida. These luxury communities that brought in high income residents also brought with them massive profits for airbnb arbitrage hosts who seek the benefits of both consistent monthly cashflow and residual passive income and also owning and controlling an asset such as a luxury single family home in an expensive community.

However there are many drawbacks to owning a single family airbnb rental that are now being exposed in this economy. We are entering a recession and an economy where gas price are higher, food prices are higher and life is much more expensive.

This coupled with AirBnB changing their return policy and terms of use will change the expectations between both the renter and the landlord of the property.

I believe as the economy gets worse, there will be more refund request from tenants, there will be more cancellations last minute and less bookings which will greatly reduce the cashflow of the rentals that these airbnb arbitrage investors were anticipating. This is also happening in an environment where interest rates are increasing and there will be less qualified buyers out there to purchase the property which will likely mean lower property values and more losses for airbnb investors.

With all of this considered, the hype around airbnb investing is dead.


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