Are Medium-Term Rentals the Easiest Real Estate Investment of 2023?

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Medium-term rentals have seen growth like almost no other type of real estate. In the past, if you wanted high cash flow, you’d be hit with the headache of running a short-term or vacation rental. So, most investors who wanted to take the passive investing route stuck to regular, long-term rental properties. But, with interest rates higher than many of us have ever seen, most regular rental properties simply won’t cut it. Thankfully, there’s a strategy that merges short and long-term rentals, with many of the combined benefits but few drawbacks.

The strategy is simple: buy a house, furnish it, and rent it out for over thirty days. Surprisingly, doing so will often get you double the rent as a regular rental property without the constant turnover of short-term rentals. Don’t believe us? Maybe Sarah Weaver and Zeona McIntyre can change your mind. They’ve been doing the medium-term rental strategy for years, and it’s what’s given them the financial freedom they enjoy today!

Sarah, shortly after finding out about the medium-term rental strategy, converted many of her long-term rentals into medium-term. Zeona, a former short-term rental owner, knew the high cash flow, low maintenance approach would help her live the nomadic lifestyle she loves. They detail exactly how they did it, what it takes to succeed, and how you can repeat the process in their new book, “30-Day Stay.”

00:00 Intro
01:51 Quick Tip
03:07 Getting Started Investing
09:15 Why Switch from Short to Medium-Term Rentals?
11;49 Where to Buy and Who Should Try It?
20:08 Medium-Term Management and Maintenance
30:33 The Optimal Property Size
37:13 Bookings, Analysis, and Free Resources
46:02 Leases and Cleaning Procedures
53:12 Grab the New Book!
56:26 Deal Deep Dive
01:04:13 Famous Four


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