Bank of Canada CHICKENS OUT with Interest Rate Hike Amid Toronto Real Estate Market Crash

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Bank of Canada CHICKENS OUT with Interest Rate Hike Amid Toronto Real Estate Market Crash

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►► With their latest announcement on October 26, 2022, the Bank of Canada has just raised the interest rate further by another 50 basis points, which is less than what the market was expecting. The market was expecting another 75 basis point interest rate hike to combat rising inflation. However, it seems as though the Bank of Canada has chickened out and did not meet the market’s expectations. There’s speculation that the Canada has eased off on their bomb-dropping interest rate hikes as a result of economic financial woes and recession fears.


So what does this all mean? Is this the turning point for the Bank of Canada? Are they done with interest rate hikes? Will we see more interest rate hikes and if so, how many more? Further, how will all of this affect the Toronto Real Estate Market? Be sure to tune into this episode of Prime Properties TV as I break down the latest interest rate hike announcement I promise you it’ll be worth it!

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