Bank of Canada Raises Interest Rates Enough to Cool Inflation?

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The Bank of Canada raised interest rates by 50bps, hoping to cool down Canada’s continually rising inflation rate. But how long will it take for these higher interest rates to filter into Canada’s economy?

While the Bank of Canada has increased interest rates these are unlikely to translate into higher mortgage rates, at least in the short term. Most banks/mortgage lenders have already priced in the 50bps rate hike, which was widely expected by most economists.

While Canada’s inflation rate remains at an all-time high, 6.8%, there is some evidence that the interest rate hikes are having the desired effect. Canada’s real estate market remained sluggish during May, and is widely expected to have undergone major price drops. Buyers are also pulling back from the auto market, with 13 percent of buyers holding off on car purchases.

But the Bank of Canada doesn’t want prices to reverse (besides maybe real estate prices) – which would be deflation, and carries with it a whole host of other issue. They want price-growth to slow, to get back to the 2-3% target range.


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