Bill Gates *NEW* Residential Real Estate Company | This Changes EVERYTHING!

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Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are some of the most successful investors in both outside stock investing and developing and growing huge companies in which brought them both to the billion dollar club. These multi billionaires are friends and do business with some of the richest people in the world and have become immensely rich and famous to a degree that exceeds most people on planet earth. If they were to live for another twenty years they would both most likely become Trillionaires.

They both became millionaires at a very young age and have worked hard and developed companies that had endless potential. Now we are seeing a massive shift in society with Bill Gates Company Microsoft as they develop a real estate arm that will compete with the likes of and to help people find their dream homes.

I believe that we are entering a society that will be heavily renter focused and it will become harder and harder to purchase a property in the not so distant future as more private equity firms and large corporations look to purchase large tracts of homes from development firms and individuals. Now with technology it is very easy to manage properties online where as ten years ago it would have been a much greater challenge.


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