Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan’s son cleared after being arrested over drugs allegations


Aryan Khan, son of the actor known as the “King of Bollywood”, Shah Rukh Khan, has been cleared after being arrested in connection with a drugs raid on a luxury cruise ship.

Aryan Khan, 24, an aspiring actor and director, was arrested in October during the raid on the vessel off Mumbai.

Three weeks later he was released on bail.

Following an eight-month investigation, no evidence has been found to implicate him, India’s Narcotics Control Bureau said.

It has, however, charged 14 other people.

Fans with posters calling for the release of Aryan Khan last October. Pic: AP

Following the raid on the ship, the bureau said WhatsApp messages allegedly showed Khan was involved in drug dealing.

In wide coverage across India, fans insisted on his innocence while others called for his father’s films to be boycotted.

Aryan Khan’s lawyer, Mukul Rohatgi, told reporters on Friday that his arrest had been “arbitrary” – adding that the bureau had not conducted a medical examination to see whether his client had taken drugs.

Shah Rukh Khan, 56, has starred in more than 100 movies in a career lasting almost three decades.


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