Buying Overlooked, Off-Market Real Estate Deals as a New Investor

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Over the MLS? Try off-market deals. There’s less people looking for them, and you can find great deals when you expand your search. Today’s guest, Ryan John, only buys off-market, and it has worked extremely well for him. Ryan has been in the real estate game for a year and a half and has closed on two off-market deals—a house hack and a duplex.

As all rookies know, trying to find and close on your first deal can be a mix of emotions. From excitement to fear to anxiousness and fulfillment, you go through various emotions when trying something you’ve never done before. While Ryan wanted to get started right away, he experienced a lot of nervousness regarding his first deal—waking up at three in the morning, scared he was missing something. But, unlike many other investors, he didn’t allow this to deter him from accomplishing his goals.

Ryan prefers off-market deals because he doesn’t have to go through a realtor. An off-market deal requires more legwork but often comes with significantly better numbers. Becoming an investor has also given Ryan the freedom to make big life changes. Ryan went to his first real estate investor meetup and met investors with a wide range of experience. After attending, an incident at work prompted him to quit. Since he lives below his means and has cash-flowing rentals, he has the time and ability to breathe and explore his options before deciding his next steps.

00:00 Intro
08:45 First Deal & Overcoming Analysis Paralysis
16:26 The Process of Buying Off-Market
21:09Penetrating the Small Multifamily Space
26:17 Rookie Deal Review
39:37 Quitting His Job
49:44 Rookie Request Line
53:40 Rookie Exam
01:00:03 Rookie Rockstar

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Analysis Paralysis Is Costing You More Than You Think

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