CANADIAN REAL ESTATE PRICES AND SALES DROP | June 2022 Canadian Housing Market Update

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The Canadian real estate market is seeing both sales and prices decline. Is the often rumoured Canadian housing market crash here? Or is this the typical market reaction to rising interest rates? The question on everyoneโ€™s mind is how much will house prices in the Canadian real estate market decline now and when will they start to rise again?

This is the Bald Prairie Real Estate June 2022 Canadian real estate market update!

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My name is Matthew Pfeifer, and this is Bald Prairie Real estate, a Canadian real estate channel. I am a realtor in Regina Saskatchewan working for Royal LePage Regina Realty. In 10 years working as a real estate agent, I have seen both ups and downs in the market. But there is no real estate market that you cannot buy or sell a house in. Often the media tries to present a Canadian real estate market, or they talk about the real estate market in Canada as if there is a national market. The real estate market in Canada is very regionalized, why is why my monthly Canadian real estate market updates cover Vancouver and Toronto but other individual cities like Calgary, Halifax, Montreal and more. Being from Regina I focus on the Regina real estate market. Bald Prairie real estate is about educating you about Canadian real estate. I cover first-time home buyer topics, tips for selling your home, how to buy a house in Canada and monthly Canadian real estate market updates.

[0:00] Welcome to the BPRE Market Update!
[2:09] Another Terrible Joke
[2:29] Victoria Real Estate Market
[3:36] Vancouver Real Estate Market
[4:41] Calgary Real Estate Market
[5:48] Edmonton Real Estate Market
[6:28] Regina Real Estate Market
[7:46] Saskatoon Real Estate Market
[8:55] Winnipeg Real Estate Market
[9:47] Toronto (GTA) Real Estate Market
[12:25] Ottawa Real Estate Market
[13:41] Montreal Real Estate Market
[14:39] Halifax Real Estate Market
[15:39] What is next for Bald Prairie Real Estate

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