Capital Flight Intensifies in China amid Zero Covid, Real Estate Crisis

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Foreign and domestic investors pulling capital out of China following the appointment of President Xi Jinping to a third term in office, as zero covid and a continuing real estate crisis threaten China’s economic growth.

Capital flight is becoming a real concern in China, as investors no longer see a business-friendly regime in Beijing, and are looking to pull their money out. Domestic investors are circumventing capital controls, and moving their money offshore.


Xi Starts Third Term With GDP Showing China Economy in Doldrums:

Foreigners Flee China Stocks at Record Pace as Rout Worsens:

China delays release of key economic data amid party congress:

China GDP beats with a bounce in the third quarter, delayed data shows:

China Home Prices Fall for 13th Month as Property Woes Persist:


Chinese Markets Tumble as Newly-Crowned Xi Takes Aim at Wealthy:

China’s wealthy activate escape plans as Xi Jinping extends rule:

Why Is The U.S. Dollar So Strong Right Now?:

China’s Q3 GDP 3.9% y/y (expected 3.3%):

China’s Q4 GDP hits early speed bump as COVID stifles economy:

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