[ China Crisis ] Xi Jinping’s 3rd Term will be his toughest : Real Estate Crisis (Part 1/3)

Real Estate
This is a 3-part series as we investigate the true extent of the challenges facing Xi Jinping – the de facto modern-day Emperor of China as he go into his 3rd term as the President of China despite the 2 terms term limit.

However, as we enter his 3rd term, it promises to be his toughest term yet as he faces a myriad of issues and problem from within (and we are not even talking about the challenges coming from abroad on the geopolitical stage)

There are endless “China-Doom” youtube videos published by the “China-Doom” youtube channels – is the situation really that bad? Are you ready for the truth? Lets find out together.

Part 1/3: Xi Jinping’s 3rd Term will be his toughest : Real Estate Crisis – https://youtu.be/-5ZYO9xKIns
Part 2/3: Xi Jinping’s uncontrollable crisis : COVID Zero + Natural Disaster – https://youtu.be/vm0WF2sXQHo
Part 3/3: Xi Jinping’s ghost of yester-years : Economic Slowdown + BRI Debts – https://youtu.be/1zTPrt4OQgU


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