Collective Real Estate: Land Without Landlords?

Real Estate
Decades of discrimination have left millions of African Americans shut out of the housing market and at risk of being targeted by predatory lenders and exploitative loans. But capital collectives pool resources and reduce individual risk and can be a way for low-income Americans to buy into a home. One example is the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative, in Oakland, CA which stepped in to do what developers would not, and make permanent housing available for low-income African Americans and other discriminated-against people of color. Can cooperation and shared stewardship be a route to realizing the “American Dream” that has been sold to so many, so effectively, for so long? Or do we need a different, shared dream to address the racial housing-wealth gap in the 21st century?

“There is an abundance of brilliance and wealth and knowledge when it comes to Black and Brown communities. Now more than ever, it’s time to share that brilliance.” – Najaah Yasmine Daniels, Community Manager, Inclusive Capital Collective

“Capitalism is a very dehumanizing system, but we are human beings, and really, cooperation and mutual aid are what make us human.” – Jessica Gordon-Nembhard, Ph.D. Professor, John Jay College City University of New York

“If we continue to wait for our city leaders to restart our communities, we’re going to wait because the formula isn’t there. The formula is in cooperative economics.” – Noni D. Session, Co-Founder and Executive Director, East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative

– Najaah Yasmine Daniels: Community Manager, Inclusive Capital Collective
– Jessica Gordon-Nembhard: Ph.D. Professor, John Jay College City University of New York
– Noni D. Session: Co-Founder and Executive Director, East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative


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Field Producer/Reporter: Kizzy Cox
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Communications Manager: Janet Hernandez
Co-Director Development: Dominic Marcella
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