Confronting Home Builders. They’re About to CRASH the Housing Market (just like 2008).

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Home Builders are going to CRASH the 2022 US Housing Market if they keep building so many homes. Especially in Real Estate Markets across Texas and Florida.

The US Housing Bubble is raging. Home prices are the highest they’ve ever been. So are mortgage payments. These were already signs of a Bubble. But now Home Builders are starting to build nearly as many homes as they did in the mid-2000s.

The more Houses and Apartments that are being built, the greater the likelihood of a Housing Crash. Especially in hot Sun Belt markets such as Austin, Nashville, Charlotte, and Phoenix. Home Builders are going especially crazy here.


Meanwhile, builders are NOT building as many homes in places like San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Home Building in these areas is way down over the last 15 Years.

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