Could SVB’s Collapse Cause a Housing Market Crash?

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SVB’s (Silicon Valley Bank) collapse has more to do with the housing market than you think. With bank runs becoming contagious, Americans in fear of economic turmoil, and a recession now closer on the horizon, assets like real estate could be affected in ways that most everyday Americans don’t realize. But, to understand what could happen to home prices and the US economy, we’ll need to explain the entire situation.

Back on as expert guests, J Scott, multi-decade investor, and Scott Trench, CEO of BiggerPockets, are here to share their takes on the SVB’s meltdown. More importantly, they explain the events leading up to this bank collapse, how the pandemic created fuel for this future fire, and whether SVB’s collapse could cause a chain reaction that leads to more bank failures, harder economic times, and, surprisingly, higher mortgage rates.

J and Scott debate whether or not more small banks are at risk, what could happen to HELOCs (home equity lines of credit), mortgages, and other financing options, and whether or not real estate will go down with the ship as our economic situation goes from bad to worse. And, if you’ve been saving up for your next investment property, stick around as J and Scott walk through how real estate investors should be using their money in troubling times like today.

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How Did A $200B+ Bank Collapse In 48 Hours? Is Real Estate Going To Be Impacted?


How Did A $200B+ Bank Collapse In 48 Hours? Is Real Estate Going To Be Impacted?

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00:00 Intro
01:23 Quick Tip
02:05 The SVB Collapse Explained
13:05 The Impact on Real Estate
18:19 Will Mortgage Rates Drop?
25:24 Could the Banking System Fail?
28:53 Effects on HELOCs, Mortgages, and Financing
40:23 Are We Headed Towards a Recession?
49:50 Is Now a BAD Time to Invest?
01:04:15 Connect with J and Scott!


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