Crypto vs Real Estate (What YOU Should Invest In)

Real Estate
Crypto or Real Estate investing, which one is a better investment?? I recently invested over $100,000 dollars into crypto currency and have around 300 investment properties. In this video I’m gonna give you a side by side comparison and explain which you should invest in.

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➡️ Assignment Contract:

➡️ Wholesale Contract:

➡️ Cold Calling Script:

➡️ Cold Texting Script:

➡️ Foreclosure Script:


➡️ Disposition Checklist:

➡️ Comping Cheat Sheet:

➡️ Guide to Pulling a Water List:

➡️ Guide for Taking Photos on Appointments:

➡️ Seller Lead Form for Talking to Sellers:

➡️ Profit and Loss Template:


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