Did the Toronto Real Estate Market Just Crash? | 25% Price Drop in Toronto Real Estate

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With a 25% price drop in Toronto Real Estate did we just see the market crash?!?

In today’s video we have real estate investor guest host Andrew Cox takeover the channel and he sits down with top Toronto realtor and investor expert Emma Pace to do a FULL market analysis on Toronto and the surrounding area where she shares how

If you’re considering investing in the Toronto region you may want to consider really paying attention to this video and connecting with Emma for more details if this is a right investment for you!

Emma Pace is one of Toronto’s top producing Realtors, with over $90,000,000 in sales helping the likes of buyers, sellers and investors. A member of the Zoocasa team and brokerage since 2015. Emma has worked in all areas of the GTA, however she specializes specifically in the downtown condo market.

Recent successes include Zoocasa’s GTA Regional Champion, Platinum Agent Award and Top Listing Agent.

A high-touch agent known for her extensive knowledge and devotion to her clients, Emma’s business successes have been a result of a clientele base driven by positive referrals. She takes a candid approach to the real estate sales process. Her focus is on education and transparency. Emma utilizes the latest technologies and is supported by a full team who share the same dedication and passion in the industry.

Connect with Emma Pace – https://www.connectwithemma.com/

Check out Emma on the Problems Or Profits Podcast – https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/emma-paces-biggest-problems-building-business-problems/id1559974192?i=1000515246004


Who is Andrew Cox?

Andrew Cox is a Real Estate Investor currently living and working in Southern Ontario. His area of focus is flipping single-family homes and holding long-term rentals.

As a real estate investor, he has transacted 17 properties in the last 24 months. Developed a strong social media presence that focuses on education and motivation. And is a proud member of Kory McKinnon’s Infinite Real Estate Results Tribe.

Besides working in real estate, Andrew aims to spread the message of a prosperous life through education and inspiration to help others take control of their financial and personal freedom.

When he isn’t scouting out new properties, Andrew loves to paddle board, cycle, and go on long walks surrounded by nature.


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