E195 Creating Real Estate Cash Flow in a Declining Market with Tyler Brown

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In E195, Tyler Brown discusses his systematic approach to running a construction company as a carpenter and building his real estate portfolio out in a similar manner. Tyler uses software tools and systems to his advantage and is aggressively building his portfolio in the Brantford Ontario area despite the declining market. There will always be adversity and it’s up to us to learn how to manage it. Tyler and Andrew discussed in this episode how they look at the current economy and what they see coming in the near future. Tyler is creating his deals rather than just finding them and in this episodes his broke down how.

Disclaimer: This episode, as with every episode of this podcast, should NOT be considered as advise. Investment advise is NEVER given on this show. Always consult a competent investment advisor before making an investment decision.

Andrew is a business and economics-educated real estate investor and entrepreneur as well as host of the Andrew Hines Real Estate Investing Podcast. Andrew is an advocate of the BRRRR model of investing, owns his own construction company and has built dozens of new construction units and houses. Andrew regularly speaks on topics of economics, development, student rental investing, private lending/borrowing and financing strategies.

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