Elon Musk Dismisses Netflix As ‘Woke’ And ‘Unwatchable’


Netflix stock has taken a massive hit, following an earnings report that showed the streaming giant is finally beginning to lose subscribers after a decade of relentless growth.

Netflix’s co-CEO Reed Hastings blamed the subscriber loss on “great competition” and password-sharing between households, but billionaire Elon Musk took to Twitter to influence the narrative, seemingly blaming diversity and inclusion initiatives for the streaming giant’s sudden drop.

Responding to news of Netflix’s share crash, Musk tweeted: “The woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable.”

While Musk didn’t elaborate, he did respond to a couple of fans who agreed with him. One of his followers suggested that the “woke mind virus is the biggest threat to the civilization,” to which Musk replied, “Yes.”

Musk appears to be endorsing the “go woke, go broke” narrative often pushed by right-wing critics, who consistently blame diverse casting and socially conscious writing for the financial failure, or poor audience reception of blockbusters and video games. The slogan was utilized during the extremely online culture wars fought over The Last Jedi and Captain Marvel, which didn’t seem to affect the box office results of either film.

Musk has previously posted a meme on Twitter mocking Netflix’s diversity initiatives.


Analysts have offered several explanations for Netflix’s woes, all of which are far more complicated than the casting of non-white actors.

Another of Musk’s followers responded to Musk, writing a paragraph describing today’s media as “infested with current year trend woke garbage for fear of offending a green haired freak next to the ban button,” to which Musk replied: “Can they please just make sci-fi/fantasy at least *mostly* about sci-fi/fantasy?”

While Musk identifies as a massive sci-fi fan, and claims to have been heavily influenced and inspired by the genre, he doesn’t seem to understand that several of the most iconic sci-fi stories are extremely socially conscious, and use their fantastic settings and technology to explore themes that would have been considered “woke” during their time.

For example, Dune deconstructs the idea of a heroic chosen one, while Star Wars was inspired by the Vietnam war, with the US represented by the evil Empire. Star Trek offers a utopian vision of a post-scarcity society that has transcended beyond the limits of capitalism, and even featured one of the first interracial kisses on television.

Ursula Le Guin famously used science fiction and fantasy to explore ideas that would be considered radically progressive and forward-thinking even today, while cyberpunk authors like Philip K. Dick and William Gibson foresaw the dangers of a dystopian future dominated by megacorporations, emboldened by technology.

Of course, as forward-thinking as these creatives were, none of them managed to predict the influence of a billionaire manchild posting stale Reddit memes on Twitter.


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