Everything You Need to Know About Branding from two of the Greatest Minds in Real Estate Marketing

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Everything You Need to Know About Branding from two of the Greatest Minds in Real Estate Marketing

Everyone who has their own business has thought about their brand. We all talk so much about branding and living into our brand, but most of us haven’t paused to ask the fundamental questions:

• What does “brand” actually mean?
• What is the difference between your brand and your marketing?
• What are the pillars of a successful brand story?
• Where does YOUR true brand come from?

To answer these and so many more questions, I sat down with two of the kings of branding, Marc Davison of 1000watt and Jason Pantana (maybe you recognize him?) for the ultimate deep dive into this essential subject.

If you’re looking to create, refine, or remodel your brand, this is the place to start, so make sure to watch or listen, right here.


In this episode, we discuss…
00:00 – Intro
00:42 – About Marc
03:48 – What most agents go to Jason about
06:51 – What is a brand, and should you have one?
15:36 – Personal brand vs “Band-Brand”
20:20 – Where do you start?
27:37 – Beliefs of a brand
32:21 – The building blocks of a brand (2 views)
38:31 – Passion and promise
44:50 – Tying attributes to your name
48:30 – The clients your brand attracts
51:57 – Marketing vs branding
56:34 – Market your message
1:00:00 – Psychology of branding and marketing
1:04:52 – Storytelling and community as a brand
1:11:22 – Giving people a reason to care
1:17:00 – Where a brand is born
1:23:26 – [email protected]


For the majority of my life, I’ve been passionate and dedicated about changing lives by giving away the very best strategies, tactics, and mindset techniques to help you and your business succeed. Join me as we take this to level 10!


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