Florida Market Crash 2022 | Is This a Real Estate Housing Bubble?

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This video is all about the real estate market crash that I don’t think is happening.

What’s going on, everybody. Thanks for tuning into our Channel. I’m Michael Chenkus with Charles Rutenberg Realty down in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. And today we’re going to talk about the state of the real estate market, specifically all the doom, all the gloom and all the bad press that you see out there right now.

What does it mean? Do I believe it? Do I disagree with it? Where do I see things headed? And I’m going to give you specific examples of professional real estate analysts who, uh, probably have a lot better things to say than I about where the real estate market is headed. So I’m going to look at some expert interviews, analyze them, provide my commentary and tell you how I think it plays into the market, specifically here in Florida, and on a grand scale as well.


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