Foreclosures Like It’s 2007 and 2008? | Real Estate 2022

Real Estate
For the real estate market to remain healthy affordability needs to remain at a good level. What we’ve seen is that affordability is getting to the point that it might be a challenge for people to buy a home in 2022. let’s take a look at some interactive maps of what the United States real estate market looks like and then let’s take a look at foreclosures.

I’ve got 4 things that will help you understand where we are with foreclosures and this will create clarity as far as where the housing market is heading in 2022 as of May.

Fortune Magazine about homes being Overvalued with maps of the USA Housing Market


USA Mortgage Loans in Forbearance

The graph on Forbearance

HomeOwners Equity Gains in the USA as of 2021

Fewer Foreclosures In The United States

United States Existing Home Sales are up in 2022

Monthly Supply of housing in the United States

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