Great Rural Towns in Washington to Retire or Buy Real Estate.

Real Estate
Want to find a rural town to get a mortgage on some real estate? Who doesn’t right? Today we are looking at great rural towns in Washington state.
A few things about rural Washington towns, they rarely have jobs so you have to bring one or not need one like most states, a lot of the mountain towns are a reasonable distance from healthcare, and the weather can be challenging.
The good news is no state income tax and it has the cheapest utility bills on average in the country. Natural gas, water, and especially electricity.
We are looking for that sweet spot with the towns in this video. It is a decent place to live that isn’t too close to any major cities, easy on the crime rate, not 5 hours away from a hospital or so far out they have horrible internet. Those things knocked a lot of small towns off this list.
In the last video, I explained that not all states have 10 good rural towns and I don’t want to waste your time with some places that are a reach and shouldn’t be on the list. Got it? Get it? Good.

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