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Timestamps available, check out the interior tours! In this video, we explore a home that you can actually transport from one location to another that is built out of fibreglass and other materials. We walk through two different units with the builder Emmanuel Brown as he talks us through the product, building journey, processes, costs, challenges and many more.

00:00 Intro
00:18 What the product is
01:15 Materials and qualities
03:58 How he got here
06:36 Power, water supply & drainage
07:34 Building support and stability
09:54 Unit 1 Interior
15:22 Fiberglass performance
16:58 Unit 1 Cost
17:56 Construction speed
18:40 Unit 1 Porch and exterior
22:18 Solar power and off-grid living
22:42 Unit 2 Exterior
25:56 Unit 2 Interior walkthrough
30:51 Unit 2 Cost
32:05 Challenges and working experience
34:58 Public Response & Security

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Website: https://urbancgh.com/
Whatsapp: +233 55 630 1541
E-mail: [email protected]

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