Homebuyers CANCEL Contracts (Price Cuts SURGE. Check Zillow.)

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Homebuyers are Cancelling Contracts. The 2022 Housing Crash has started. Check Zillow to see for yourself.

Homebuyers across America – especially in Housing Markets such as Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles – are cancelling contracts and sending homes back on the market.


That’s because the 2022 US Housing Market has become too expensive. The typical Mortgage Payment is up 50% in a year. While Worker Wages are only up 6%. Many Banks are now rejecting Mortgage Applicants because the Debt-to-Income Ratios are too high, resulting in Cancelled Contracts. This could be the first sign the 2022 Housing Crash.

Discerning Homebuyers and Real Estate Investors can take advantage of this situation by targeting Houses that have been on the market a long time and have numerous price cuts. Using Redfin’s Home Search Tool allows you to do this.

Despite these Cancelled Contracts and Price Cuts, many Homebuyers are still frustrated by low inventory and bidding wars. The Housing Bubble is still raging for the nicest Homes in the nicest Neighborhoods, like the Zillow Listing for the Property in Dallas at 5:06. But heading further out, to ZIP Codes and Neighborhoods with more inventory, could allow a homebuyer to purchase a home at discount.


States with the largest increase in price cuts – and where the Housing Crash will start in my opinion – include Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado according to new data from Realtor.com.

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