House Of Marley Launches New Range Of Sustainable Cables And Wireless Charger

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Has there ever been quite such an overused word as “sustainable”? Yet, it’s the buzzword almost everyone uses, including the consumer electronics industry. House of Marley is one of the audio brands with a strong belief in sustainability inherited from the reggae genius Bob Marley. The great man’s legacy lives on in the form of his fantastic music and now his brand of earphones, headphones and other products, all endorsed by Marley’s family.

Marley’s family created the House of Marley’s eco-credentials to celebrate the singer’s legacy of love for music, people and the planet. For example, House of Marley supports a global give-back initiative, Project Marley, which promotes global reforestation and ocean preservation through One Tree Planted and the Surfrider Foundation.

The latest sustainable products to be launched by House of Marley includes a collection of charging cables and accessories designed with sustainable materials for powering phones, wireless earbuds and other devices. All the accessories are made using mindfully sourced materials, including highly renewable bamboo and recycled plastics.

The new accessories include the One Drop Wireless Charger, the REWIND 3.5mm M/M audio cable, plus the REWIND charging cables in USB-C-to-Lightning in 1.5 and 3-meter lengths. Also available are USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C cables in 3-meter lengths. All the new accessories are packaged in 100% plastic-free recyclable packaging.

The House of Marley One Drop Wireless Charger is a Qi-certified charging mat that can replenish Apple and Android phones and compatible earbuds. Recharging involves placing a phone or earbud case on the mat and leaving it to do its stuff. The One Drop has durable sides and a base made from REGRIND Silicone, a material created by reclaiming and upcycling post-process silicone scraps that would otherwise go to waste. The charging mat is crafted from CNC-milled bamboo and has an integrated REGRIND Silicone cable management strap to keep everything organized.


The House of Marley REWIND charging cables are manufactured from sustainable materials, including FSCWalnutsourced from responsibly managed forests. The braided cables are made with REWIND fabric woven from 99% post-consumer recycled GRS-certified material and include a cable management strap of upcycled REGRIND silicone and recycled aluminum. An extended strain relief provides extra protection and the cables are available in MFI-certified USB-C to Lightning, and USB-MFi certified USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C.

The 3m REWIND Audio Cable has been designed with longevity in mind. It includes a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack for connecting analog devices like speakers, turntables or headphones for direct audio playback. Like the charging cables, the REWIND Audio Cable has an FSC Walnut cable enclosure, a durable and extended strain relief, plus a REGRIND silicone cable management strap.

Pricing & Availability: The new range of House of Marley cables and charging mat is available now. The One Drop Wireless Charger ($49.99), REWIND 3.5mm M/M Audio Cable ($29.99), REWIND Charging Cables USB-C to Lightning 1.5-meter ($34.99) and 3-meter ($49.99) The USB-C to USB-A 3-meter ($34.99) USB-C to USB-C 3-meter ($34.99).

More info: For more details on House of Marley’s sustainability efforts and commitment to crafting products from mindfully sourced materials, visit


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