How to Develop Ground Up Rental Real Estate: From Building Team to Finding Land Development Deals!

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Daniil Kleyman spoke at the Dealmaker Bootcamp for 250 high level real estate investors on the steps it takes to develop high-quality ground up rentals, from duplexes all the way to large apartment complexes.

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September 2022 Deal Maker Even in Richmond, VA:


How to Build Your Team 22:01
How to Find & Identify Great Development Opportunities 32:35

Here’s some of what we cover here:

• Why I never buy tenant-occupied properties
• Why I won’t ever sell you my architectural plans
• The one must-have for a scalable portfolio
• The 2 Key Members on your development team
• How to avoid “zoning landmines” and the consultant that will help
• How to transition from rehabbing to ground-up
• 2 key knowledge areas to spot great dev opportunities
• The only place I’ll ever put my AirBnB units
• And much much more


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