How to Generate Home Seller Real Estate Leads (Organically) with Your Google Business Profile

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Here’s how to attract seller-clients on Google. After all, everybody knows you’ve gotta LIST to LAST!

Start by asking yourself—if you were in the market to purchase a home, for instance—what would YOU be Googling? The answer is… that buyers search for homes. For example:

◾️“Homes for sale in ____.”
◾️“Homes for sale near me.”

So what about sellers?—what do they search for? Many in our industry presume they search phrases like, “What’s my home worth?”

But have you ever gotten one of those “home valuation” types of leads? They have barely any intent to sell whatsoever. They’re leads, of course—just leads with characteristically very, very low intent.

So… what do sellers actually Google? In a word: YOU.

Sellers search for YOU—the agent.

◾️“Best REALTOR in ____.”
◾️“Top listing agent near me.”

The question is… do they find you or your competitors? That depends on a couple particulars of tremendous SEO importance:


1️⃣ Your Google Business Profile
2️⃣ Your website/domain.

As far as the former is concerned, it needs to be a top priority to procure seller reviews on your profile. The keywords in those reviews are pure money. As for your domain—in blogs, throughout its pages, and all over your site—feed Google the keywords that sellers are searching and it’ll help you rank.

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