Inflation Gone Wild (What is Next for Real Estate Investors)

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Inflation is through the roof, real estate is uncertain, and the world market is unpredictable! Everyone is on the edge of their seats right now as they watch these areas continue to fluctuate. Should you be scared? Why am I not scared? What should you be doing to either capitalize on this fear, or hunker down until it passes? In this video, I want to share what things I have noticed as a professional real estate investor, and what my take on the future is.
Investing in real estate for the last 10 years, Chandler David Smith currently owns over $25 million worth of rental real estate. During this time, he has had some great experiences by being able to share his passion alongside his family and buddies as he has seen them absolutely crush it when it comes to investing. More importantly, he has been able to share his expertise with others and learned invaluable lessons from his loved ones along the way.
Chandler dives DEEP into all of the ins-and-outs of inflation: what it is and why it is a concern, what is happening to the world’s markets because of it, and what businesses and the government are doing to try and stop it. Keep in mind that there are A LOT of unknowns when you take a step into the real estate world; things fall through the cracks and honestly, really anything could happen. But – this is life! When you take the proper steps that Chandler teaches here, you CAN mitigate your chances so that you will be taking the smallest risk with the highest return possible!


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