Investing in Bitcoin vs. Real Estate: Does Crypto Beat Cash Flow?

Real Estate
Investing in Bitcoin vs. real estate. While these asset classes both do different things, investors only need to know which can make them more money. With Bitcoin’s wild runup in 2021 and its current crash down to 2017 prices, investors want to know whether or not an entry into Bitcoin makes sense. Avid real estate investors are wary of investing in Bitcoin due to its volatility, lack of consistent cash flow, and inability to force appreciation.

Is all this hate unwarranted or do real estate investors have good reason to not trade their cash flow for crypto? Maybe you should ask James Dainard. He’s entrenched in real estate investing, with dozens of projects going on at any given time. But, unlike most real estate investors, he’s dipped his toes in the deep end of DeFi by starting up a cryptocurrency mining farm a few years back.

While James’ mining farm didn’t work out as he planned, he still sees the value of investing in cryptocurrency to this day. If you’ve been struggling with whether or not to hop on the Bitcoin bandwagon as crypto prices head back down, James may have just the information you need to make a decision.

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Bitcoin or Real Estate—Which is the Better Investment?


Bitcoin or Real Estate: Which is the Better Investment?

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00:00 Bitcoin vs. Real Estate
01:28 What is Bitcoin?
02:55 Bitcoin Price Appreciation
04:56 Real Estate Price Appreciation
07:13 What if You Use Leverage?
08:40 Which is Worth the Risk?

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