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The news is humming with the real estate and with real estate bubble talk. I’m bringing you some data from Altos Research today to show you more up-to-date information. The market certainly looks like it’s cooling off in some areas, but in others, it definitely doesn’t.

I want you to take a look at the housing market data for May 2022. Keep an eye on new construction and also mortgage applications.

Slides from Altos Research on US Housing Inventory and Housing Data for 2022


The Real Estate Buying Frenzy is Over in 2022

Mortgage Application down in the real estate market for 2022

Questions I answer
What is happening in the real estate market?
Mortgage Applications are low?
Is there a bubble?
When will the Housing Market Crash?
Should I sell my house right now?
Should I buy a house right now?
The Market has crashed?
Unemployment affects Real Estate?
What’s happening in Texas Real Estate?
What’s happening with Real Estate in Idaho?

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