Is There a Bubble in The Real Estate Market of Istanbul? l Straight Talk Ep.85

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In this episode, Alaattin Kilic and Cameron Deggin are talking about whether there’s a bubble in the real estate market of Istanbul? Due to the increase in real estate prices around the world, some are asking, if there’s a bubble in real estate prices in Istanbul as well? Cameron is addressing this question here for you.


(00:00) Introduction
(02:00) Prices are going up!
(02:28) Is there a bubble?
(04:40) Cameron’s research for Istanbul, New York, London
(06:30) How long dose it take an average salary to pay for an average property?
(07:53) Population rate
(08:15) The Average age
(09:20) Supply relative to demand
(10:42) Average price increase in Real Estate Market
(14:23) How do you compere between Istanbul, London, New York
(17:15) How long do we need until Istanbul gets to that level?
(21:50) What’s the deferences between Istanbul and the two cities?
(24:00) What’s Cameron’s evidence?
(25:47) What do our clients have in common?
(27:20) Istanbul optimism level!
(28:18) Does London and New York have the same level?
(32:14) Is the statistics from Turkish gov are real?
(34:57) Is Turkey a poor Country?
(36:30) Now! seriously Cameron do you see a bubble?
(45:00) Our next Straight Talk! Best 3 Investment for Cameron in about last 3 Years!
(46:03) Outro

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