Is This The BEST Texas Real Estate Market?

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The Texas real estate market is hot, arguably hotter than the summer Texas heat, or even their chicken wings (Jamil Damji can vouch for this). A few years ago, the Texas housing market wasn’t attractive to most residential investors. But, over the past two years, as swarms of Californians and New Yorkers have left their homes to come to The Lone Star State, real estate investors have begun to take note.

Jamil Damji is back again on his “best real estate markets in the US” trip. He’s visited Austin and Houston and has just touched down in Dallas to see why this city has experienced such large migration. Jamil spends some time with Sebastian Tamayo, Dallas local and real estate agent/investor, to ask about who’s moving to this big city, who’s buying here, and whether or not you should come to Dallas for your next real estate investment.

If you’ve ever eyed the DFW housing market as a place that you’d be interested in investing in, then this is the video for you! (Oh, and you’ll see some golden chicken wings too!)

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00:00 Dallas’s Housing Market Brings the Heat
01:34 Is Dallas Worth Investing In?
02:27 Wholesaling and Texas-Sized Property Taxes
04:03 Who’s Buying All The Houses?
06:05 Are Interest Rates Affecting the Dallas Market?
07:20 Reach Out to Sebastian!
08:07 Golden Wings!?


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