Is This The Top For The Real Estate Market?!

Real Estate
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I promised as soon as I saw anything that changed in the housing market, I would update you guys, and this is that video.

We’re going to be looking at the first bearish signs that I have seen in the housing market in years, and now we’re starting to see somethings that are a bit concerning.

Make sure you stick around for the entire video because there is a massive “MAYBE” that could change the course of how we perceive the trend of the real estate market.

0:00 Video Overview
0:35 Intro
0:39 Masterworks
3:05 Housing Inventory Spikes
5:18 Mortgage Rates
6:58 Demand Is Drying Up
12:01 Homes Started vs Homes Completed
13:19 The Catalyst for Homes to Drop In Price
15:08 You Might Be Priced Out Forever
17:08 Outro

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