Joining a Real Estate Team: Pros & Cons

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Should you join a real estate team? Real estate team vs going solo, which is better? How much do real estate agents make on a team?
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First, let’s start with what even is a real estate team. A real estate team is a group of real estate agents working for a singular, popular real estate agent who has too much business. That’s why they make a team. The team is to help them do more business than they can on their own.

So, should you join a real estate team? This gets asked all the time by new agents. There are a ton of perks to joining a team… but it also comes with a few cons.

Before you join a real estate team, watch this video and think it over. It might save you some trouble down the road or it could get you psyched for this career!


00:00 – Why join a team?
00:10 – Pros of joining a real estate team
00:19 – Quick access to more leads
01:35 – Get a cut of the commission
01:52 – Learn from top producing agents
02:33 – Cons of joining a real estate team
02:40 – Less commission from your deals
03:16 – Building someone else’s brand
03:41 – Less freedom
04:24 – Whether joining a team or not, know this!

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