MAJOR HYPE 06.16.2022: Massive REDFIN & COMPASS Real Estate Layoffs.

Real Estate
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00:00 – Intro
00:14 – Legislation Would REQUIRE Students to PASS Personal Finance Course
01:57 – BlackRock Launches Financial Wellness Program For Athletes
04:01 – Bitcoin Plunges as Major Crypto Lender Halts Operations
05:17 – Airbnb is CLOSING its Domestic Business in China
06:37 – Real Estate Firms Announce Layoffs as Housing Market SLOWS DOWN
08:08 – Property Listed in ETH LOOSES HALF it’s Value
09:42 – Things are COMING. PREPARE & LISTEN to Others!
11:46 – Outro

MAJOR HYPE 06.16.2022: REDFIN & COMPASS Announce MAJOR Layoffs.


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