Market Updates – April Sales Down 41% in Toronto Real Estate

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The Toronto Real Estate Board released the April Market Watch Report. Overall, sales were down 41% year over year.

Is the market really going to collapse?

Dan is going to share his insights with you in this video.

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Every Crisis is an Opportunity.

I’m living proof of the statement…

I have gone through 3 very different careers, from a computer store owner, to a computer hardware design engineer at a tech giant, to a real estate broker. I started each new career from a crisis and I became more successful than ever in each.

So when I started CondoWong, I wanted to create a real estate brand that not only survives but thrives through constant changes and uncertain times. And this mission is best accomplished by delivering proven results to our investors consistently.

CondoWong is powered by a full-service in-house team to help you land on a winning investment and take care of it throughout its lifetime, delivering the hands-free and rewarding investment experience that every investor dreamed about.

– Dan Wong, CEO & Founder of CondoWong

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