Matidor Is The Centralized Source Of Truth For Fieldwork Operations

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Operators in the field service industry struggle with information overload. Whether it’s Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices from the construction site flooding your handheld device with real-time data or various parties overwhelming your inbox and voicemail with emails and calls, communication software has not evolved or been purpose-built to meet the needs of the field service industry. A lack of ability to coordinate and organize information in a timely, digestible and actionable manner leaves these massive infrastructure projects being built with cost overruns and over schedule. Sean Huang and Vincent Lam created Matidor, project management software purpose-built for fieldwork. The Vancouver, Canada-based company has recently raised a $1.85 million seed round from Space Capital, Cathexis Ventures, Equal Opportunity Ventures, Duro Ventures and additional angel investors.

Ryan Chan, founder of Upkeep and angel investor in Matidor, says, “Matidor has many similarities to UpKeep. We are both addressing massive problems that so many people face that we don’t often think about. They saw this big problem with very little innovation in an underserved, unsexy market. Matidor, in my eyes, has the perfect team with a ton of domain expertise to provide a solution to these underserved markets.”

Field service operations have complicated workflows specific to the project in the works. Most software can only handle a few specific stages or functions during the project lifecycle. The lack of dedicated software causes communication and coordination issues which cascade downstream into major project delays. More importantly, existing tools used by operators and consultants on these projects do not deliver communication in real-time. This lack of real-time communication makes it harder for these professionals to immediately observe and address issues on a work site. Collecting correspondence and data across different tools and systems complicates their job, highlighting the need for this market to have a centralized source of truth for project management fieldwork.


There is a massive market for software that addresses the needs of environmental consultants and project managers in field services. Environmental Analyst reports that the environmental consulting market generated $44B in revenue in 2020. Within this market, energy operators and environmental field service providers have the most pressing need for new technologies to aid them in their work. Specifically, these potential customers have challenges with monitoring and tracking the progress of environmental clean-up projects.

Matidor is a project management software tailored to address the field services industry’s unmet needs and particular dynamics. Matidor’s “map-based interface” allows users to pinpoint accurately, track, update and resolve issues in a digital, real-time manner on the job site. The startup’s flagship product can ingest data from common third-party sources, converting the external information into a format intelligibly displayed on the centralized user map. Through carefully crafted customer discovery processes and rapid iteration, Huang and Lam produces a centralized source of truth that users can rely on to oversee and manage their vast portfolio of work.

Huang is Matidor’s Head of Business Development. Before starting the company with Lam, he spent twelve years in various entrepreneurial pursuits, including Morfus Mixed Reality, EstPal and Loqus, where he held various roles ranging from marketing, business development, and sales. Lam, Matidor’s CEO, was a former technical lead at Google Earth and product manager at Dassault Systems. Huang and Lam aim to set the standard for field service project management with Matidor powering operators and consultants in their dynamic work environments.


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