Oura Released A Stunning Smart Ring: The $950 Gucci X Oura Ring

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The Oura Smart Ring is a smart wearable that looks like a regular ring but has sensors that can read heart rate, temperature and respiratory rate. It’s a slick and capable device. It already comes in several colors and finishes, but now, there’s a new, high-end version that’s just been revealed.

This is the Gucci x Oura Ring and it looks fantastic. So it should, it costs $950.

That’s a little over three times the regular Oura Ring, and it’s a distinctively different design, with a completely circular shape, unlike the near-circle with one flattish side of the conventional Oura Ring Generation 3.

And where the other Oura Rings are without any markings, this one has two chains of 18-carat gold running around them—it’s called a braided torchon. Whatever, it looks great.

The Gucci interlocking G’s logo is placed multiple times around the ring, all in black, except for one which is gold. The other big design change from the regular ring is the charging puck which is decorated with the interlocking G. Heck, even the USB-C connector has the symbol on it.

And if you need any other reminders, the center of the puck says Gucci, in gold, naturally.

Like the other Oura Rings, this is made of titanium (apart from the gold bits, obviously) and weighs the same as the others, just 4 grams.


The technology inside the ring is identical to other models. That is, the same sensors and software. It measures heart rate from the arteries in the finger, which some say is more accurate than from the wrist.

That four-gram weight is important when it comes to sleep tracking: unlike a watch, wearing the Oura at night is almost imperceptible. And the information it gives you is detailed and comprehensive, so you know when you wake up how to optimize the next day.

It gives you Sleep, Activity and Readiness scores, along with personalized guidance.

I’ve been using the Oura Ring for a long time now and I find it a helpful, informative analysis of my body.

So, why, you might ask, would you consider paying up to $650 over the odds for Gucci branding? The thing is, this is much better value than it looks.

That’s because the regular Generation 3 ring has a $6 monthly fee attached. You can use it without but you only get more basic metrics, and subscribers see frequent new features added.

However, the Gucci variant has the not insignificant extra of lifetime subscription to the service. True, that’s only a $72 saving per year if you were paying monthly, but if you keep it for five years, you’ve saved $360, which brings the price down considerably. Keep it for 10 years and the $720 you’ve saved means the Gucci model cost less than the regular Ring, even without the $6 a month subscription.

Of course, you may not keep a piece of technology for 10 years but it’s certainly a resilient, well-crafted object, so maybe you could. And, of course, it looks fantastic.


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