PRICE CUTS are Coming (ETA: Spring 2022 Housing Market)

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Price Cuts are coming to the Spring 2022 US Housing Market. They could be the first sign of a Housing Crash.

The US Housing Bubble has reached fever pitch in Spring 2022. Homes prices and mortgage payments have never been higher. Many home buyers and real estate investors are getting priced out of the market.

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But there is hope in certain markets. Homes For Sale on the West Coast of America – particularly in states such as Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah – has increased year-over-year. Housing Markets such as Boise, Bend, and Provo are in danger of the Housing Bubble popping if inventory keeps increasing.

At the other end of the spectrum is Florida’s Real Estate Market. Cities such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach are still down 50% on inventory year-over-year, which indicates that a Housing Crash is unlikely in upcoming months. These Florida Cities will need to see more inventory come to the market first.

Other Housing Markets where Inventory is increasing include: Phoenix, Atlanta, Sacramento, Stockton, and Riverside.



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0:00 Price Cuts / Housing Crash in 2022
2:08 More Homes for Sale (Cities in BLUE)
3:32 IDAHO Housing Crash
4:36 FLORIDA Housing Bubble
5:54 Miami v Boise Housing Inventory
6:52 The 2022 Housing Crash has STARTED
8:47 Oregon Housing Market (Portland, Salem, Bend)
10:17 Washington / Idaho / Utah
11:48 Montana Housing Market (Billings, Missoula, Kalispell)
12:48 Utah Housing Market (Provo, Salt Lake, St. George)
13:52 Nevada Housing Market (Las Vegas, Reno, Fernley)
14:48 California’s Pandemic Exodus is OVER?
15:57 Southeast Coast Housing Bubble (Florida / Georgie / South Carolina)
17:30 Atlanta Housing Market CRASH?
19:40 Charlotte is still TIGHT
20:40 Texas Housing Market (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston)
23:47 Arizona Real Estate Update (Phoenix & Tucson)
25:06 Southern California Real Estate Update (Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside)
26:03 New York /Connecticut Housing Market
26:59 Upstate New York (Westchester, Dutchess, Columbia County)
29:00 Columbus, OH Housing Bubble POP?
30:22 Louisville, KY Real Estate
31:13 Indianapolis, IN Real Estate
32:04 Kansas City, MO Real Estate
33:09 Colorado Real Estate (Denver)
33:59 San Francisco / San Jose / Sacramento / Stockton
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