Quitting YouTube To Become A Real Estate Agent

Real Estate
Getting my Real Estate License in Vancouver has been a wild ride so far, and balancing 2 careers at once is NOT easy. But, as always, we’ll figure it out 😀
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If you have any Real Estate Questions, or are looking for a new home or to even sell yours, shoot me an email at adamjbellrealestate@gmail.com

My new Real Estate Channel and Instagram for people who want to learn about the city or maybe find a new place to live. Content coming next month!
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If you’ve watched some recent vancouver vlogs you would know that I’ve been working at this for months now, and I am finally at the point where I can call my self a Vancouver Realtor 🏡 As I’ve said before, this won;t change a thing on the channel – besides some new content! I’ll be the same old energy filled vancouver guy. It’s what I do best 💯 and I’m happy to have you along for the journey 🙂


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You heard it… Quitting YouTube To Become A Real Estate Agent
People ask me tons of Questions about Vancouver and about real estate since im getting my license, today I go through a lot of the most common ones i receive! somethings like ~ should i move to vancouver? how to move to vancouver, is vancouver worth it, how to rent in vancouver, where to find rent in vancouver, vancouver vlog, vancouver vlogger, vancouver real estate, vancouver real estate agent, first day as a real estate agent, real estate license,buying a house, buying a house vlog, apartment hunting, apartment hunting vancouver,r eal estate market, real estate agent vlog, real estate market 2022, real estate agent 2022, day in the life of a real estate agent, day in the life of a realtor, vancouver house tour, vancouver house for sale

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Finding out if I passed the exam…: (0:00)
The Biggest Question in Real Estate: (1:45)
You will feel lost at this point: (3:26)
The most important part of the biz: (5:30)
Having a plan to make the monies: (7:25)

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