Real Estate Bubble Crash | Are Our Housing Market Fears Coming True?

Real Estate
The real estate market is a whirlwind, and this week was no different! In today’s video, I’m getting real with you on the state of the housing market. Is the housing market crashing? What’s happening with mortgage interest rates? There’s an answer to all these questions, and I’m going to show you the housing data you need to look at to draw conclusions. My answer is simple – there’s a difference between deceleration and depreciation, and the housing market seems to be decelerating. In short: the real estate market isn’t crashing, it’s just changing. Check it out to learn more!

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Introduction (00:00)
Are Things Changing In The Housing Market? (01:06)
Deceleration vs. Depreciation (03:20)
Housing Market Forecast (05:48)
What Would Cause The Housing Bubble To Burst? (10:38)


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