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Real Estate
Real Estate SCAM || bekifaayati #shorts

In India it’s practically impossible for anyone but the government to legally offer guaranteed or assured returns from financial products. To lure investors into investing in real estate projects, developers have been illegally offering assured returns schemes to them.

Under the scheme, the money being invested by the second set of investors is used to pay off the first set. The investment made by the third set of investors is used to pay off the second set and so on.

Such schemes run until the money being invested in the scheme is greater than the money that is going to redeem the investment of the early investors. The moment it reverses, the scheme collapses and the hard earned money of people gets stuck in the projects which actually never get delivered.


Please don’t invest your hard earned money in these unauthorized schemes, on good days you could earn what developers have promised but on a bad day you could end up losing 100% of your capital.


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