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The Practice of Residential Real Estate course is the second course required to get licensed as a real estate professional in Alberta. This course will help learners acquire the knowledge needed to practice as a Residential real estate professional in Alberta.
The online course includes self-paced study materials, video training and practice quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding of the key concepts for each unit. In addition, the students will have access to the industry leading exam prep materials which include extra practice questions, summarized notes and mock tests to help prepare for RECA’s licensing exam.


Course Outline:
Unit 1 – Residential Real Estate Clients
Unit 2 – Residential Property Basics
Unit 3 – Property Measurements and the RMS
Unit 4 – Legal matters and concerns
Unit 5 – Residential Property Valuation
Unit 6 – Mortgage Financing
Unit 7 – Rural Residential Real Estate
Unit 8 – Representing the Seller
Unit 9 – Representing the Buyer

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