Retiring with Real Estate, Agent Tips, and The “20% Down” Myth

Real Estate
You need a 20% down payment to buy a house, right? Most people assume that the standard down payment amount, 20% down, is the acceptable average when buying a rental property or a primary residence. But this isn’t always true, even for real estate investors. Many investors will spend years saving up just a single down payment amount, only to later realize that they could have bought multiple rental properties faster if they would have done less down. So before you put a big chunk of change into your next rental, listen up.

David Greene is back with another episode of Seeing Greene where he takes a multitude of questions from new and small real estate investors. There is an answer for everyone in this episode with topics covering down payment amounts, investing in US real estate while living abroad, new real estate agent tips, how to finance ADUs (accessory dwelling units), and retiring yourself (or your parents) with real estate investing!

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Episode 624

Show notes at:

00:00 Intro
02:04 Quick Tip
02:24 Buying Your First Rental
05:33 New Real Estate Agent Tips
09:18 Getting Around High Down Payments
15:55 Questions from The Comment Section
21:42 How to Finance an ADU
31:33 How to Retire Your Parents
34:26 Direct Mail Tips
38:57 Buying Rentals Without 20% Down
44:45 Ask David Your Question!


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