Reviewed: These Two ALOGIC GaN Chargers Are Ideal For Travelers

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Australian-based tech company ALOGIC recently announced a range of new chargers with enough power to charge a laptop, smartphones and other gadgets that make our life on the road a little more bearable. The innovative brand’s new GaN chargers have been made with the digital nomad in mind, so I decided to get a couple of them in for review.

The first product to cross my desk was the ALOGIC 67W multi-country GaN wall charger. This compact little unit is small because GaN technology makes it possible to reduce the size of the charger and boost its efficiency, creating less heat. Compared with the old-style silicon technology used in traditional chargers, this latest generation of charging technology is a significant improvement.

The ALOGIC 67W multi-country GaN wall charger is ideal for powering and charging phones, tablets and laptops. The kit is housed in a high-quality, zippered textile case that also includes interchangeable power plugs for USA, European, UK and Australian sockets, which covers most of the traveler’s needs.

There are two versions of the ALOGIC 67W multi-country GaN wall chargers available: one has dual USB C ports and a USB A port for legacy devices, while the other has just a single USB-C port and would probably suit as a dedicated laptop charger.

Thanks to the latest generation of GaN semiconductor technology, both chargers can deliver a total of 67W rapid charging. The three-port model can charge three devices simultaneously if the total power budget doesn’t exceed 67W in total.

Also supplied in the case with the ALOGIC 67W multi-country GaN wall charger is a high-quality braided 100W USB-C Power Delivery cable. Frankly, for the extra $20 price, I’d go for the three-port charger, as it can be used to power and charge a laptop while also topping up a tablet, a smartphone or some other gadget essential to life on the road. The body of the charge is so small it can fit comfortably in the palm of a hand and weighs just 110g.

Thanks to PD (Power Delivery) technology, the charger can deliver the quickest possible charging speed safe for your devices. The charge can power a laptop like an Apple MacBook Air while re-energizing a smartphone. The whole package is neat and there’s enough room in the zippered case for the next charger I’m reviewing.

ALOGIC’s new 100W Rapid Power Car Charger is an incredibly well-made gadget with a USB-C and a USB-A port. The charger can draw up to 100W and is not much larger than the typical car USB charger, despite being incredibly powerful. It fits neatly in a cigarette charging port, is ideal for topping up a laptop battery while moving in a car, and can also be used to power and charge a smartphone. The charger is compatible with a wide range of devices such as an Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and iPad Pro, most other mobile phones and tablets, Apple MacBooks, ultra-portable notebooks and Chromebooks. That covers most things.

Verdict: Both these new chargers from ALOGIC tick a lot of boxes. They both use GaN technology which means they are more efficient, compact and run at cooler temperatures. The ALOGIC 67W multi-country GaN wall charger is ideal for travel use and I think it’s better to pay the extra $20 for three ports. That way, you only need to take one charger on the road. The bundled International power adapters are perfect for laptops like the Apple MacBook Air, but check your laptop’s power requirements to ensure its power demands are less than 67W. The ALOGIC 100W Rapid Power Car Charger is a handy gadget, especially for anyone who drives a lot. This device can fully charge a laptop after an hour or two drive.

Pricing & Availability: The ALOGIC 67W Multi-Country GaN wall charger is available in three-port and single-port variations costing $89.99 and $69.99, respectively. The 100W Rapid Power Car Charger costs $65.99.

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