Riverside Partners With Spotify As The Streaming Giant’s Official Video Creation Platform

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Back in November 2020, I wrote an article about two brothers – Nadav and Gideon Keyson – who had developed an innovative platform for creating podcasts with audio and video sources. Riverside is a stunningly simple platform that runs in Google’s Chrome browser and enables podcasters to interview guests remotely while capturing the best possible audio and video quality.

When connecting using Riverside, a high-quality video and audio feed from the remote guest gets uploaded to the platform’s servers in the background and makes it easy for podcasters to access separate audio and video files in high quality so they can create a professional podcast. Having access to the best possible sound and video files is a big improvement on the more usual method of capturing the highly compressed video and audio signal when connecting using platforms like Zoom or Skype.

Since launching Riverside, the Keyson brothers have managed to attract substantial venture capital funding for their business and the company has grown considerably. Now Riverside is partnering with Spotify to help the streaming giant roll out its own video platform that could offer an alternative to YouTube for content creators.

The new collaboration with Spotify’s podcast platform Anchor, now makes it possible for content creators to produce professional-quality video podcasts. The partnership is launching in tandem with Spotify’s video podcast service, enabling podcasters to publish a video component alongside recorded audio. The new partnership will directly connect podcasters to Riverside so they can easily record, edit and publish the video.


The process of recording and editing video podcasts is simplified using Riverside. The platform was launched just two years ago and is now used by individual creators as well as enterprise customers like Guy Raz, Marques Brownlee, The New York Times, Fox Sports, Marvel and TechCrunch.

The new collaboration via Spotify’s Anchor application will enable Riverside users to upload their video podcasts directly to Spotify with just a few clicks, offering access to Spotify’s 406 million monthly active users. In addition, creators will also be able to access Anchor’s analytics tools which opens a variety of monetization options.

I spoke with Nadav Keyson, founder and CEO of Riverside: “This collaboration is a natural move for both of us. Spotify is expanding its investment in the podcasting space and already hosts more than four million podcasts on its platform. With the move to video, Spotify is giving its creators an excellent way to create high-quality video podcasts and seamlessly distribute them. Riverside enables high-quality audio and video podcast creation possible for anyone, anywhere from experienced creators to new beginners. This partnership will push the limits of content creation and distribution by creating a seamless process through the entire flow.”

Anyone can sign-up to record and edit unlimited content with professional quality on Riverside. Top creators worldwide such as Casey Neistat and Ali Abdaal already record their audio and video content using the platform along with broadcasters like NPR.

I have a feeling that the Riverside platform will grow even faster now with this major tie-in with Spotify. Riverside also has the potential to be a valuable tool for journalists who want to remotely interview people because the platform can also produce transcripts. Ultimately, the platform may also develop as a live streaming tool for people who want to contribute to radio or TV stations remotely.

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