SLASH the Tax – How Toronto Real Estate Investors Can Use Corporations for Tax Savings

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SLASH the Tax – How Toronto Real Estate Investors Can Use Corporations for Tax Savings

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►► It’s that time of the year again… TAX SEASON! A flurry of tax questions typically roll in during this time of the year, especially for Toronto Real Estate Investors who want to achieve maximum tax savings through various tax strategies.

Across 2 episodes of PPTV (this one and the following week’s episode), I’m going to answer the 2 questions that I get asked the most for during tax season. This episode will tackle the often asked questions of, “Should I incorporate?” This question always comes up every time a real estate investor is considering an investment property purchase. Lucky for you, I have a handy-dandy 4-quadrant chart that will help answer this very question.


PLUS, I’m going to dive into the infamous 3-tiered corporation tax structure that helps Toronto Real Estate Investors slash the tax! As a disclaimer, I’m not a tax accountant by profession, so don’t take this as formal tax advice. All of the strategies that I talk about in this episode have been established through years and years of first-hand real estate investing experience, along with helping many of my real estate investor clients with tax savings for their real estate portfolios.

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